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JAMES and LYNDSEY moved in the same professional circles for more than 10 years; James as a respected London-based travel editor and Lyndsey as a PR for a leading London representation agency. Both from Yorkshire, they developed a friendship based on common ground and similar northern values. Fast forward a few years and they found themselves back living in Yorkshire; three miles from one another.

JAMES ELLIS is a travel, health and features journalist who writes for most of the UK’s national press. A former travel editor of Metro, he is the only UK travel journalist to have had three front-page articles on three different newspaper travel sections on the same day. He’s a content specialist and understands what makes a good story. He speaks fluent Greek, and his travels have taken him to more than 80 countries where he has scaled mountains in Malaysia, dived with Great Whites in South Africa and run historic 153-mile ultramarathons in Greece.

LYNDSEY THOMAS is a tourism marketing specialist with 15 years experience promoting some of the world’s leading travel brands and many smaller ones. Her resume includes multiple agency awards, and she has been widely praised and recognised for innovative PR and marketing campaigns. Lyndsey is equally well travelled. Her year-long backpacking adventure saw her swim with sharks in Belize, learn to play polo in Argentina and white water raft in the Amazon. She is also a keen semi-professional photographer.

What we offer

“Whether you are trying to engage journalists, tour operators, travel agents or the general public, the key thing is having good stories to tell. While we have strong contacts throughout the travel industry and media, we know it takes more than ‘who you know’ and ‘what you know’ to cut through the clutter. We’ll work with you to develop your stories… and make sure they’re targeted at the right audience and the right channels. We encourage others to tell your story, making them your advocates.”James
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    We can help you produce content:

    Features * Columns * News & press releases * Newsletters * Newsjacking * Ghostwriting * Websites * Blog posts * Podcasts * Social media * Photography & captioning * Video/Vlogs/Vines * Competitions & quizzes * Advertisments * Direct marketing materials * Research & data * Presentations/training platforms

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    We can distribute it on your behalf:

    Media relations: News releases * Media & influencer liaison * Press trips
    Marketing: Digital * Social * Print (mainstream and special interest) * Partnerships * Direct marketing *Advertising

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    We can offer extra help:

    Consultancy * Publicity training * Media training * Crisis management * Strategy * Tourism sales representation

Why we do it

All About the Story has been formed by James and Lyndsey to marry our extensive editorial, copywriting, public relations and marketing expertise. Our strong backgrounds in the travel and tourism space mean we can offer travel clients solutions across all types of media. Between us, we understand travel communications from both a marketing/PR and an editorial perspective, and offer a unique, combined insight into how the industry works. For us it’s not about generating awareness to just anyone, it’s about your brand story reaching the right audience.

“Real results are based on an increase in visitors to your business/destination. Not the fluff in-between. A banner ad may serve a million impressions, but are the people seeing the ads the consumers you want to reach? The main thing is that the right person sees the right story at the same time – that will ultimately drive business.”Lyndsey

Where we are

WE are based just six miles outside of the cosmopolitan city of Leeds, the UK’s largest centre for financial and business services outside of London. The capital is just two hours by train, as are Glasgow and Edinburgh. We look out over the rolling hills of Yorkshire. We hike the hills and breath in fresh air and this generates productivity and creativity. It’s not about the hours we spend at our desk, it’s about our output. We work remotely. We have no flash office and keep minimal overheads, plus we have a great network of fellow creatives that we bring in as and when needs arise, so there are no high staffing costs either.

James: +44 7956 499 043

Lyndsey: +44 7568 488 474

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